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Legal Name Change
Change your legal name online quickly with TotalLegal.  You can change a name for a variety of reasons, including personal choice, to share the name of a spouse, to change the name of a child, or to change a name after divorce.

TotalLegal makes it easy. Just answer a few simple questions, then receive all of the state-specific forms required to finalize the name change with easy step-by-step filing procedures.
1 Step One answer questions
Complete the online interview.
2 Step Two print
Print your custom name change forms yourself or receive them by mail.
3 Step Three sign and file
Follow the state-specific  procedures for completing your legal name change.
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What are some common reasons for changing your legal name?
  • Personal Choice.  You may simply not like your name or may want a name that is more easily spelled or pronounced. With TotalLegal, you can change your last name, first name and/or middle name.
  • Change a Child's Name.  The absence of a parent in a child's life, changes in parental rights/custody, and paternity determinations are among the most common reasons to change a child's name.
  • Share a Last Name.  Couples may want to create a hyphenated or entirely new last name for themselves.
  • Divorce.  If you took your spouse's last name upon marriage, you may want to resume a former name if you separate or divorce. In most states, it is easy to include a name change in your Divorce Decree.

Fraud and Name Changes.  The court will not grant a name change that is requested for a fraudulent or illegal purpose such as evading criminal prosecution or a civil lawsuit, avoiding creditors, or identity theft.

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